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Peters' Ice Cream Factory

Located in Taree, the Peters’ Ice Cream Factory was an important part of the local dairy industry since it came into being around 1939, initially producing condensed milk which was used in the manufacture of ice cream.

As demand increased, the Peters’ Ice Cream Factory was expanded to increase production, also to accommodate the use of dry milk products.

Eventually, a staff amenities building which can be seen in the pictures was also added to the Peters’ Ice Cream Factory, as well as a swimming pool for the staff to enjoy.

In the 1990’s, the factory was inefficient and dated. Production ceased and the operations shifted to more economical facilities.

Please feel free to offer any comments contributions or corrections and I particularly would love to hear from anyone who used to work at the Peters’ Ice Cream factory while it was still in operation.

I’d like to say special thanks to the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society for taking the time to assist with the information contained in the photo captions.