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The Woolshed

The Woolshed is a classic sight on the rural Australian landscape. They are throwbacks to an industry on which the Australian economy was built and a testament to the hard-working men and women not just of times past, but still to this current day.

They are such a captivating sight, full of history and wonder even though many of us have probably never set foot inside one, let alone worked inside them.

Sheets of corrugated iron or timber weatherboards, covered in a weathered patina of rust and dirt, typically that make up the exteriors of these magnificent structures perched on hillsides across the country.

The majority of these woolsheds were photographed around the south-east hinterland and Snowy Monaro region of New South Wales.

Each one has decades if not centuries of histories and stories to tell, but many are no longer in use due to shifts in farming focus or suitability, or advances in technology and shearing methods.

Sometimes woolsheds were important social meeting points, hosting dances for the local communities.

Woolsheds were always built purely for function with the way they looked never being a factor in their design and construction, which makes an ironic point given that this entire album was created purely out of recognition for their visual appeal and acknowledgement as part of the national identity of the Australian outback.