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Macquarie Boys Technology High

The school was established on this site in 1957 after moving from its previous location in Parramatta. Over time, Macquarie Boys Technology High experienced a sharp decline in enrolments and developed some reputational problems.

There is ongoing debate as to whether this reputation of Macquarie Boys Technology High was deserved, or the result a media beat up.

There have been moves to sell off the land of Macquarie Boys Technology High over the last six years and at one point, it was to be leased to the University of Western Sydney, although the university eventually declined to accept the contract which left the site unused to the time of writing.

Residing on the corner of two busy roads, you could be forgiven for even noticing this school even existed. The old entries are completely overgrown.

Once you get past the stairs, you’re greeted by a peeling sign and a burnt out car on the edge of the sports field. It doesn’t get much better from here.

You can see from the images what’s happened to the school in just six years. While I was shooting, there were teenagers on the other side of the school throwing chairs through windows.

In July 2016, the assembly hall was destroyed by arsonists.

I’m all for the preservation of heritage and history but, in a city with an ever increasing population and demand for space, I think such a large amount of prime land could be put to far better use than this.