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ABC Central West Interview with Kia Handley | Lost Collective

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This is the actual audio of my ABC Central West interview with Kia Handley that relates to my other blog post you can see here .

I don't really know what happened in that introduction at the very beginning of this interview, nerves I guess.

This ABC Central West interview was live, although I wasn't with Kia in the studio, I was on the phone sitting under a tree in a park in Mt Druitt, during work at my (former) real job. It seemed as though I went through a phase of doing this kind of thing, especially early 2016 when things really started to move quickly. I think there was one month where I ended up having something like a dozen media requests! It's tough keeping Lost Collective ticking over while working a full-time job.

I don't think that any of my interviews are fully representative of what I am about, it's difficult to get everything out that I want to in 16 minutes but I think I got pretty close.

In saying all this, I know the content of a blog post is supposed to be informative and engaging, and I do my best where I can but the core of the content here is the audio interview itself. So, I invite you to head over to the ABC NSW Soundcloud page by clicking here and have a listen for yourself.

Broken windows, rusting equipment, large spaces - you can see what might be romantic about an abandoned space.

Pair that with a photographer and a little bit of history and you have Lost Collective ( A project run by Brett Patman who told Kia Handley about the places he finds.

To hear the interview, click here .

Brett Patman - ABC Interview

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